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Wooden Delight – Flavia Bruni’s Italian Wedding Bouquets

Flavia Bruni CFD EMC shares with us her amazing Italian Wedding Bouquets in her latest book. Here’s an example sure to inspire!

Description: Medium-sized round hand-tied bouquet. Instruct the bride or bridesmaids to hold the bouquet vertically to showcase the natural and rustic effect of the bark.

Advice: Carefully evaluate the diameter of the structure made with bark so that it is in proportion to the bouquet.

Curiosity: Setaria belongs to the Gramineae (grass) family and can be easily dried.

Floral Materials: Zantedeschia ‘Passion’, Scabiosa stellata, Setaria, Rosa ‘Peach Avalanche’, Rosa spray, Hypericum, Asclepias.

Decorative Materials: Bark “ribbon” (such as Oasis Natural Wraps), fabric ribbon.

Technical Materials and Tools: Cut-flower shears, clippers, ribbon shears; enameled florist wire; green or brown stem wrap; adhesive dashes or a hot-glue gun; a binding material of your choice (see “Construction,” below, for options).

Construction: Create a round bouquet with the chosen floral materials. Create a circular “collar” with the bark “ribbon,” with a diameter equal to that of the bouquet, overlapping the ends and gluing them together with hot glue or adhesive dashes.

Tape three heavy-gauge florist wires with green or brown stem wrap. Bend each wire at two 90-degree angles, with one short end up (1 inch to 2 inches long), the center section horizontal (half the diameter of the bark collar), and the remaining lower section of the wire bent downward.

Secure the short vertical ends of the wires inside the bark collar, equidistantly spaced, with hot glue or adhesive dashes. Tape the three longer
downward wires together as they meet in the center of the bark collar to create a stem (handle).

Arrange the flowers in the center of and above the bark collar, incorporating the taped wire stem into the bundle of flower stems. Bind the stems of the finished bouquet with the fabric ribbon. If you desire additional security, bind the stems first with step wrap, waterproof tape, raffia, taped wire, a zip tie, a chenille stem or other binding material of your choice; then cover the binding point with decorative ribbon.

Learn more Italian Designs from Flavia’s Book “Italian Wedding Bouquets: Creatify & Composition”

Italian Wedding Bouquets: Creativity + Composition
“Italian Wedding Bouquets: Creatify & Composition”