Living Flowers

Wildflower Adventure ?Easy Watercolor Flowers Painting Lesson by Sarah Cray of Let’s Make Art

Sarah Cray is known for her loose floral watercolor paintings, and in this “Wildflower Adventure”, you’ll learn exactly how to create the easy, breezy watercolor floral design! In this art lesson, Sarah is using Le Petite Aquarelle watercolor tube paints, so be sure to have Primary Blue, Yellow and Red, along with Payne’s Gray on hand and ready to go!

Learn how to paint watercolor flowers in this beginner-friendly art tutorial from Let’s Make Art! Straight from Sarah, “This loose and wild floral painting is a great way to experiment! This is a great art project to play with the wet-on-wet painting technique, composition, and thin and thick lines. Single brushstroke paintings can seem overwhelming, but it’s fun to put down any expectations and PLAY!”