Living Flowers

White Magic

Larix, twigs
Vanda ‘Ansu nr1’
Galanthus, snowdrops

Calathea musaica ‘Network’, small leaves
Lavatera trimestris, seed pods
Vinca, tendrils
Cardiospermum halicacabum
Akebia quinata, tendrils

OASIS® BIO Ring 30 cm
Brown felt wool
Aluminum wire
Double-sided tape
White rattan, round
Gülla., sheets
Metal ring on stand
Waterproof spray
Floral tape

Spray the metal ring in the color of the Bio wreath foam. Let the floral foam soak in the water and then secure it in the ring. Cut thin strips of the felt. Place the double-sided adhesive tape on the aluminum wire and wrap the wire with the brown felt wool.

Now arrange the wire in circles around the floral foam wreath. Spray some glue randomly and sprinkle snow powder over it. Cut a circle out of the gülla. the size of the opening of the wreath. Spray the gülla. with waterproof spray so that it cannot absorb water from the foam.

Wrap small water vials with brown flower tape for the snowdrops and orchids. First, arrange the orchids and insert them in small water vials in the floral foam. Also, attach some water vials on the wooden circles with fine brown thread. Then secure the sprigs of larch and afterward start inserting the flowers. Insert the Oxypetalum and the Calathea leaves into the fl oral foam. The snowdrops have to be inserted into two small water vials because the stems are too delicate to insert into the fl oral foam. Finish with some Clematis fluff and the Lavatera seed pods.

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