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Whimsical Holiday Floral Design Tutorial – Light and Bright Holiday Bottles

Light and Bright Holiday Bottles – Whimsical Holiday Floral Design. Hey there…My name is Erik Witcraft AIFD, floral contributor for Florist Review Magazine, and today I want to share with you a creative idea on how to combine glass apothecary bottles, Smithers-Oasis Mega Wire, clear c9 light bulbs, and aluminum wire to create a fun and whimsical design perfect to wow your customers and inspire great sales!

Let’s get started! To begin, I have created an armature of mega wire that will support the apothecary bottles that I am using. It’s important to twist and bend the wire in an artful way, but that will also support the bottles securely. It’s ok to add a little aluminum wire here and there to make sure it is all secure. I knotted some vintage feel striped ribbon on various bottles to create a little whimsy.

Next, I will take the c9 lightbulbs and attach them at various positions on the metallic wire to create a garland of wire and bulbs. I carefully weave the garland through the armature of bottles.

Next, it’s time to add flowers and festive greenery. Here I am using white Star of Bethlehem, red miniature gerbera daisies, these festive red ‘Scarlet Mimi’ spray roses, and white ‘Mother of Pearl’ roses from ROYAL FLOWERS and mini green hydrangea. I have also incorporated a touch of cedar. This is a fun, whimsical design that you should definitely try!

You never know what your customers might think unless you give it a shot! Thanks for watching! Hungry for more creative ideas? See you next time!