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Wedding Collections – Peaches & Apricots

Peaches-and-cream is a popular wedding color combination that is soft and flattering, with many bridal gowns having a
whisper of peach in the undertones. There are many tints, tones and shades of peach, from a pale shell-like peach to a vivid
coral, but all are versions of orange. For a pinker peach, a bit of red is added. Whether a wedding is casual or classic, a wide
range of peach-hued flowers is available to accessorize the bridal party.

Roses in softer hues of peach are selected for these three wedding bouquets, each with a slightly different composition. Note how the color of ribbon used influences the vividness of the bouquet.

Two bouquets created with similar circular styles (above and opposite, bottom) showcase the range of colors and textures available in peach tones. The brighter Mokara orchids and Hypericum berries (opposite) provide vibrancy to the classic roses and carnations, in contrast to the peaches-and-cream look achieved in the all-rose bouquet (above). A spectacular duchess rose (opposite, top left) is created with multiple petals from peach-colored roses.