Living Flowers

We Love Dried Flowers

What are dried flowers?

Real dried flowers naturally form in the garden from already dry flower parts – for example, everlasting flowers or Hydrangea. These are also easy to grow and use from your own garden.

Dutch dried flowers are those that are produced and marketed in large quantities by Dutch and other companies. The product range extends from roses to plant materials, from statice to Dahlia, and includes almost 200 types of dried flowers and plants. Many of these products can be grown or collected yourself.

Dry exotic species come from distant countries. They are the parts of plants that are already naturally drying, such as nut fruit shells and palms, but also technically dried parts such as some Protea. You have to buy these materials online, from a wholesaler or, perhaps, a florist. As a rule, self-collected items are not allowed to be exported and not imported to the United States. To be sure, there are many species protected by international agreements as well as corresponding national laws to be observed.

Other dry materials come from pine cones, tree fungi and pieces of bark. You can also use dried fruits such as nuts and the like that come from native species in the United States and elsewhere.