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Vibrant Late-Season Bouquet – Classic Fall Seasonal Bridal Bouquet with Garden Roses

Vibrant Late-Season Bouquet- Classic Bridal Bouquet with Garden Roses in a luscious mélange of Princess Aiko and Princess Miyaki garden roses coming together in a contemporary classic bridal bouquet featuring flat cane and beautiful textural adornments with Erik Witcraft, AIFD.

Materials used: Flat Cane, staple, heavy gauge wire, corsage tape, small water picks, bind wire, #9 double-faced satin ribbon, ‘Princess Aiko’ garden roses (AF) and ‘Princess Miyaki’ garden roses (AF) peach ranunculus, coral hypericum, snowball viburnum, Japanese maple foliage, and hellebore foliage.

Step 1: Loop flat cane into a circle and staple. Create additional swirling circles, stapling each to attach to itself. Do the same with multiple pieces of flat cane until you have the desired amount and attach them all.

Step 2: Form a handle to hold the armature but taping four 18 gauge wires with corsage tape. Attach the wires to the armature by bending them over the surface of the armature and binding them with corsage tape underneath.

Step 3: Layout all of your fresh materials and prep for the bouquet. Remove any foliage or thorns as needed. Beginning with snowball viburnum and garden roses, start layering your materials into the armature. Next, add the ranunculus and hypericum.

Step 4: Prep the Japanese maple stems by placing them in small water tubes. Wire over the top of the tube and then bind with corsage tape to secure. Place Japanese maple tubed stems into the bouquet. Add hellebore foliage around to collar bouquet. Secure everything with bind wire. Trim stems and corsage tape tightly around the base of the stems to create the beginning of the handle. Wrap with #9 double-faced satin ribbon to complete a beautiful late seasonal bridal bouquet.