Living Flowers

Vertical Garden – Centerpiece Flower Arrangement Tutorial

Vertical Garden is a dramatic centerpiece flower arrangement tutorial. Violet sprayed leaves, a bold color palette reflects a colorful, adventurous mood. This striking design, embodying several of today’s hottest trends, is sure to catch consumers’ eyes and create plenty of positive buzz about your shop.

When creating this vibrant vertical composition, floral designer Erik Witcraft, AIFD harnessed inspiration from three current style trends: the energetic “Exploration” aesthetic from the “American Floral Trends Forecast 2020/21,” Pantone’s 2020 “Color of the Year” – Classic Blue, and even green-space developments in urban areas.

The bold color palette, which could be defined as either polychromatic or full complimentary (if you consider green a neutral); the dynamic design style; and the eclectic collection of forms, textures, and flower types, are reflective of the colorful, adventurous “Exploration” mood. Perhaps the most dramatic of all the standout botanicals are the ‘Xanadu’ cut-leaf philodendron leaves because of their form, placement, and shimmery blue color.