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Verdant Market Flower Bouquet – Floral Design Inspired by Farm Fresh Produce at Farmer’s Market

Flower Market Bouquet – This Floral Design was Inspired by Farm Fresh Produce at the local Farmer’s Market,

Erik was instantly inspired by all the farm fresh produce. Running on that inspiration, he has gathered asparagus, a stunning white ceramic urn and beautiful fresh blossoms in white to create this classic topiary-style arrangement.

Materials used: White ceramic urn, tapered glass vase (must fit inside of urn) rubber bands, wrapfia, Uglu dashes, fresh asparagus, green and white hydrangeas, white ranunculus, white miniature calla lilies, and asparagus ‘Meyeri’ fern.

Step 1: Place tapered glass vase into top of urn. Position 2 rubber bands midway on the glass vase. Begin inserting asparagus underneath rubber bands vertically. Add asparagus until the vase is completely concealed. (It takes about 2 bunches of asparagus) Cover rubber bands by knotting wrapfia using Uglu dashes to help hold in place.

Step 2: Add floral nutrient water into the vase. Cut and place green and white hydrangeas into vase allowing them to pillow over the asparagus. Add white ranunculus and white miniature calla lilies through the hydrangeas.

Step 3: Enhance the design with strong linear movement. Add asparagus ‘Meyeri” fern in horizontal placements to add a dynamic line and great movement. It will add a subtle nod to the Asparagus featured in this beautiful design.

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Erik Witcraft AIFD is a Portland, Oregon-based floral designer and a regular contributor to Living Flowers.

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