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Unlocking the Creative Potential of Floral Design with Jenny Thomasson’s “Perishable Poetics”

Jenny Thomasson, an acclaimed floral designer with credentials from AIFD, PFCI, and EMC, invites readers to explore and expand their creative voice in her latest book, “Perishable Poetics.” Through over 40 beautifully composed floral arrangements, Thomasson shares the delicate, intense, and temporally cyclical nature of flowers, which she believes reflect our deepest emotions and serve as a boundless source of inspiration.

In “Perishable Poetics,” Thomasson offers an intimate glimpse into her artistic process, illustrating how she uses emotion to push the boundaries of contemporary floral design. The book is richly adorned with over 200 lustrous color photographs, hand-drawn conceptual sketches, and personal notes, providing a comprehensive guide to the evolution of a professional floral arrangement. Readers are introduced to a wide array of techniques, forms, and materials, making this book both a visually stunning artwork and an invaluable resource for floral designers at any stage of their career.

Thomasson’s warmth and generosity shine through as she unfolds her creative journey, making “Perishable Poetics” an essential read for anyone working in, inspired by, or seeking to find their voice in floral design. This book not only showcases the artistry of floral arrangements but also serves as a radiant beacon for innovation and emotional expression in the floral industry.

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