Living Flowers

Twin Baskets

These forms work as a base but also as art and sculpture. Make sure to staple the base onto a plank and continue weaving the chicken wire until the oval form is achieved; weave the thin wood stripes to cover the wire. Attach test tubes to the structure for inserting the flowers.

MATERIALS: Anthurium spp. (tailflower, flamingo flower), Phalaenopsis spp. (moth orchid), Nepenthes spp. (pitcher plant), Amaranthus caudatus (love-lies-bleeding, tassel flower), Asparagus setaceus (plumosa fern, lace fern), Alocasia spp. (elephant’s ear), Hoya spp. (wax vine), Pseudorhipsalis ramulosa/Disocactus ramulosus (red mistletoe cactus)

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