Living Flowers

Tropical Trellis Flower Design for Florists and Floral Designers

Erik will show you how to enhance this Tropical Trellis Flower Design and emphasize your floral art in a striking way with tropical flowers from Green Point Nursery for Florists and Floral Designers.

Draw your clients into a tropical world by showcasing vivid these exceptional blooms within a frame! Materials used: 15” wide rectangular ceramic container, 15 x 18” frame, Oasis floral foam, hyacinth stakes, white yarn, lime green wrapped Midollino extenders, Uglu dashes, upright heliconia, tulip anthurium, spectabilis, vanda orchids, ti leaves, ruffled calathea leaves, osage oranges, green trick dianthus and ulehe fern curls.

Step 1: Create trellis by attaching Midollino extenders into back of frame with Uglu dashes. Attach swirls together with metallic wire. Fill container with floral foam presoaked with floral preservative. Adhere hyacinth stakes wrapped in white yarn to the back of frame trellis and place vertically into foam.

Step 2: Insert upright heliconia into design staggered from front to back and using one downward in design. Add tulip anthurium and spectabilis in groupings within the arrangement. Place purple vanda orchids at the base of the design.

Step 3: Loop ti leaves and place at the base of the design. Group ruffled calathea leaves at base as well. Add Osage oranges with bamboo skewers to the arrangement. Fill in base with green trick dianthus as needed.

Step 4: Finish the design with ulehe fern curls and vanda orchids adhered to the trellis randomly with Uglu dashes. This is a brilliant way to add design detail and intrigue! Sponsor: Green Point Nurseries