Living Flowers


Hello future farmers and thank you for watching this video. ‘Tips from an expert rose farmer’. With 26 years experience of growing roses under her belt, Lynne Volkovic knows how to make a rose bloom! Here is what I learnt from her and now I’m sharing this with you.

1. Roses need full sun.

2. She gives the roots of the roses lots of water. With at least two big waterings a week.

3. She feeds the roses regularly. Making sure they are responding to the food. If the flowers are in good health, then she knows they are absorbing the nutrients.

4. She gives the roses Epsom salts and worm casting and/or vermicompost.

5. Californian roses need to be forced to sleep. So she cuts them right back in December. So they can grow back in March with renewed energy. In colder climates roses die back naturally but you still need to prune the dead leaves, hips, stems and branches.

6. She regularly dead heads the dead roses to encourage new growth. Cut just before the first new bud.

7. The good news is according to Lynne, roses will grow in any soil. A big thank you to Lynne Volkovic for sharing her knowledge and her story. You can find out more about Rose lane farm here: