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This Floral Designer’s Whimsy Bungalow Is Full Of Life

This Floral Designer's Whimsy Bungalow Is Full Of Life

You never know when or where inspiration will strike. For Kaylyn Hewitt, the answer was right under her nose: flowers.

As the lead floral designer at The Bouqs Co., it’s clear that Hewitt’s devotion to bright blooms and sweet posies directly informed her interior decorating style. From the natural materials to the textural layering, every element in her bright and airy 100-year-old bungalow in Santa Monica, California (which she shares with her adorable dog, Bear) is a subtle nod to the delicate bouquets she creates for her profession.

“I am very much inspired by anything floral and botanical, and I think a lot of that comes through in the color and in the art,” she explains. The abundance of natural light throughout the apartment was also a major influence compelling Hewitt to create a “plant-focused” space: “I just want my home to be full of life,” she adds. But interestingly, the home’s soft color palette didn’t start with flowers. “I found a pillow at Target that had a little bit of everything I wanted,” she discloses. “It’s the one in the center of my couch. I saved it to a Pinterest board and used that for inspiration for my entire home.”

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