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FLOWERS AND NATURE have given so much solace over the past 12 months. As I write, gardens are blooming, birds are nest building – even pesky pigeons have a place in my heart (but a very small one) – and Flora has been given a bright and cheerful new look that reflects this feeling of hope for better times ahead.

In addition to this new design that I love, there’s lots of new content. Howard Franklin writes engagingly about his training in Floristry and Flower Decorations at Constance Spry, and I can’t wait to hear more of his floral adventures at Court.

As well as the private schools teaching floristry, many colleges across the country give structured training of the highest quality. With the help of teachers and students, in particular Capel Manor College, I’ve put together what I hope is the ultimate guide.

Gorgeous herb designs by Jonathan Moseley, flowers for cutting from Chrissie Harten, Jane Austen’s garden and a lot more besides – Flora is packed full of stimulating articles and design that you enjoy!

Judith Blacklock, Flora Magazine Editor


Flora Magazine is dedicated to bringing you ideas, news, hints and tips from the world of floristry and flower arranging. Specially written for flower-arranging enthusiasts everywhere, Flora Magazine has the latest ideas and news to inspire you and help you to get more from the creative world of floristry.

Flora Magazine includes:

  • The newest styles
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  • Seasonal ideas
  • Floral crafts and creative designs
  • Competitions
  • Flower Show and exhibition reports
  • Personality profiles
  • Plants and gardens
  • Step-by-step and ‘how to’ advice

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Flora Magazine – Summer 2021

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Judith Blacklock
Judith Blacklock

Flora Magazine is edited by Judith Blacklock, proprietor of the world-renowned Flower School in Knightsbridge, London.