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The Scalable Wedding Tablescape

Upselling to a bride can be a challenging task. Join Erik as he shares how to paint a picture worth a thousand words by offering budgetary levels for a beautiful wedding tablescape perfectly presented for your autumn brides.

Materials used: ‘Quicksand’, ‘Sandy’ and ‘White mikado’ spray roses, Japanese maple branches, nandina foliage, (RF) footed amber glass vessels, 8” clear plastic trays, Oasis midnight foam, gold floral mesh, bullion wire, wrapfia, narrow gold ribbon, water tubes, candlesticks, and LED candles.

Step 1: Budget #1: Create two simple hand-tied bouquets of ‘Quicksand’ roses in a Dutch-spiral fashion. Set into amber glass footed vessels with river rock accessorized with river rock. This is a beautiful simple level for your bride.

Step 2: Budget #2: Create elaborate bases for the footed vessels. Anchor midnight foam into clear plastic trays and begin collaring the base of the vessels with ‘Sandy’ roses in concentric circles to completely conceal the floral foam. Add Japanese maple and nandina foliage to loosen overall feel and add texture. This is the next level to showcase for your bride, with the hand-tied bouquets in the top or floating candles.

Step 3: Budget #3: Create tall cylindrical armature structures with gold Oasis floral mesh, connecting one edge to the other. You will want the size to match the inside circumference of the vessels you are using. Attach metal rings with have been adorned with gold ribbon and bullion wire to the top of the armatures. Add water tubes to armatures using a narrow gold ribbon. Fill with water, ‘Quicksand’ roses, ‘White mikado’ spray roses, and Japanese maple foliage. Set the completed armatures into amber vessels with rose bases. This is a more elaborate level tablescape perfect for the bride that loves something a little extra.

Step 4: Budget #4: Add more ambiance with the addition of candles. Anchor floral foam to candlesticks and set LED candles on top of them. Insert ‘White mikado’ spray roses all around bases of the candles in concentric circles to conceal all the floral foam. With the addition of the Amber vessel structures and the hand-tied bouquets that could be easily added in additional amber vessels, this level is meant to create a thousand memories for your bride, while masterfully upselling her wedding tablescape.