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The Latest in Wedding Florals: 5 flower trends for the modern bride

Dive into the ever-evolving world of wedding floral trends with Shawn Bailey, a seasoned professional floral designer, as she shares her expertise on how brides are reimagining their floral arrangements for the big day.

In a recent interview on Studio 5, Shawn sheds light on the emerging trend of transitioning floral arrangements from the ceremony to the reception, likening it to the modern bride’s penchant for swapping her formal gown for a more casual party dress. This shift allows brides to create distinct atmospheres for different parts of their wedding day, infusing each moment with its own unique floral ambiance.

“For many brides, incorporating different floral designs throughout their wedding day is about curating diverse environments and experiences for their guests,” Shawn explains. “From a garden-inspired ceremony to a sleek and modern reception, each setting offers its own charm and character.”

While the concept of transitioning floral arrangements may seem extravagant, Shawn reassures that it’s more about adaptability than excess. By repurposing ceremony florals for the reception, brides can achieve continuity in their wedding decor while optimizing their floral budget. “We’re not talking about creating two entirely separate sets of arrangements,” Shawn clarifies. “It’s more about making strategic adjustments to the existing florals to suit the new setting.”

As for bouquet trends, Shawn highlights the growing popularity of petite bouquets, emphasizing their ability to complement the bride’s ensemble without overshadowing her. “The bridal bouquet should enhance the bride’s natural beauty, not overwhelm it,” she remarks. “Smaller bouquets not only look elegant but also feel lighter and more manageable for the bride to carry throughout the day.”

In addition to downsizing bouquets, Shawn notes a shift towards cleaner, more streamlined floral designs. “Gone are the days of oversized, cascading bouquets with trailing ribbons,” she observes. “Brides today prefer a more polished and refined look, with bouquets that are compact and neatly tied.”

But the innovation doesn’t stop there. Shawn introduces a range of other exciting floral trends, including the incorporation of fruit into arrangements for added color and texture, as well as the use of smaller, dispersed centerpieces to create a more intimate dining experience. “We’re seeing a move towards more interactive and immersive floral designs,” Shawn explains. “Brides want their guests to feel like they’re part of the floral experience, whether it’s admiring fruit-adorned tablescapes or enjoying the subtle gradations of color in a color-blocked centerpiece.”

Reflecting on her passion for weddings, Shawn expresses genuine enthusiasm for her work. “I love the creativity and artistry that goes into designing floral arrangements for weddings,” she shares. “Each wedding is a unique opportunity to bring a couple’s vision to life and create lasting memories for them and their guests.”

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