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The Best Wedding Flowers

There’s just something magical about pretty flowers. A bouquet of gorgeous flora can brighten a home and even your mood. But what we really love is the way flowers can transform a wedding and  event spaces entirely.

Kelly here: recently,  Il Mercato shared an Instagram post with flowers from Leaf + Petal that completely took my breath away. Click here to see for yourself.

We adore flowers and  have many favorites (Kelly again: mine are daisies, “the friendliest flower”… #IYKYK). But we’re not always certain about what looks best together, which flowers are in season and which flowers are having their “It Girl” moment.

In a new series, we’ve looked to a couple of local florists to help answer our questions.

In this installment, they’re sharing their current favorite flowers to use in wedding setups  and what couples are requesting the most.

What They’re Loving:

“I always gravitate to soft, wispy blooms,” said Destiny Pinson of Doris Ione. “I love sweet peas, heirloom carnations, ranunculus, campanula, lilac and cosmos, but there really isn’t a flower that I don’t like using!”

CREDIT the Source: New Orleans, Let them eat Cake