Living Flowers

Talent from the Minsk Flower School

very special entry by Iryna Rakhuba for the Fleuramour 2021 online bridal bouquets competition introduced us to the Minsk Flower School. This is an ideal opportunity to put them and some of their prominent floral artists in the spotlight.

If you want to know everything about the identity, culture, creativity and knowledge of Belarusian floral art, you have to go to the Minsk Flower School. For years, they were taught by the best master floral artists from around the world and now they have finally developed their own, unique style. In the Minsk Flower School you don’t just get an education, it is a place where every talented florist gets the chance to develop their potential and gain extensive experience.

What better way to present the floral artists than with some of their works!

Fleur Creatif
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