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Summer in the Kitchen – Fun and Quirky Design

Summer in the Kitchen – Fun and Quirky Design. Erik will show you how he created a fun and quirky component design using things you likely have around the house. From Kitchen canisters and clothespins, to yarn, shish kabob skewers, and lemons, this arrangement is light and bright and perfect for the place we call home!

Materials used: 5 assorted glass canisters, Oasis 1” flat wire, Oasis gauge aluminum wire, 1” wood veneer striping, grey yarn, Uglu dashes, Clothespins, toothpicks, shish kabob skewers, lemons, dusty miller, white hydrangea, yellow butterfly ranunculus, and orange roses.

Step 1: Create flat wire and yarn rings. Measure the wire around a canister and cut ½” longer. Take 2 Uglu dashes and place ½” from the end of the wire. Begin wrapping yarn around the wire, repeating until you reach the other end of the flat wire at the ½” mark. Place 2 more Uglu dashes on that end and stick the first end to the final end. (Metal to metal) Next, place 2 more Uglu dashes on the metal surface and continue wrapped until the ring is complete covered in yarn. Make several of them for the canisters. Some will be used on the top of the canister, some will be adhered to the middle of the canisters.

Step 2: Attach rings midway on canisters using Uglu dashes. Add clothespins and then weave wood veneer strips into clothespins. Weave shish kabob skewers into the yarn ring on top of one of the canisters. Weave toothpicks similarly into one of the yarn rings. Wrap Oasis aluminum wire using a Uglu dash and yarn, adhering at the opposite end with another Uglu dash. Squiggle the yarn-wrapped wire into shish kabob skewers and another clothespin armature.

Step 3: Dress the grouping of adorned canisters with fresh flowers and lemons. Add dusty miller and white hydrangeas into one canister, orange roses, and dusty miller into another. Place lemons into a couple canisters. Place yellow butterfly ranunculus in the final canister.

Step 4: Pull it all together with a finishing touch. The canister lids hold water, so place floating butterfly ranunculus blossoms in the lids to pull the whole vignette together!

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