Living Flowers

Special Sunflower Rings


Bind half a dozen garland wires together and make it stronger by winding them together with a drill. Secure these threads together nicely in a circular shape. Create circles of different diameters with this wire. Now connect the circles with some garland wire. This way you get open wire circles. Paint the Eco trays with black spray paint. When they are dry, prick holes in the edges at regular intervals. The holes serve to connect the wire circle with the trays. This way you get a bowl with a transparent wire crown/collar.

Put two blocks of black floral foam together and then cut out circular shapes. Place them on the prepared trays. Now insert all yellow and pale yellow flowers above and below the foam so that you get an arrangement with a lot of depth and transparency.

Flowers Used:

Helianthus, yellow sunflowers, green heart
Helianthus ‘Teddybear’
Helianthus ‘Sonia’, small sunflowers
Tagetes, cream colored
Anethum, yellow dill
Assarum, leaf
Leucanthemum, daisy, cream colored

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