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Sparkle and Shine Urn Flower Arrangement – How to Holiday Floral Arrangement Tutorial for Florists

Sparkle and Shine Urn Christmas Flower Arrangement, how to make a Holiday Arrangement Tutorial for florists. The holidays are a huge opportunity to show your customers what you can create beyond the everyday experience. I’m Erik Witcraft AIFD, floral contributor for florist review magazine, today I am going to create a sparkly dramatic floral arrangement in this silver Grecian urn.

Let’s get started! I have placed a mache container inside of the urn and secured the oasis presoaked with floral preservative into it using waterproof adhesive tape. To begin this design, I am using this amazing white delphinium known as ‘Triton Ariel White’ from ROYAL FLOWERS. I have 15 stems of the delphinium and am placing them in the center of my floral foam in a vertical position. Next, I am going to create movement and texture with some beautiful evergreens such as ‘Blue Ice’ cypress, cedar, dusty miller, and southern magnolia.

Next, I will add these beautiful ‘Queen Of Pearl’ roses, and these assorted color-shifted roses in neutral tones from ROYAL FLOWERS. I love the way the silver plays off the brown of the magnolia and the neutral tones of these roses. I am doing groupings of each variety to create a visual impact in this design. As a final accent, I will incorporate some of the ‘Magical Blue Lagoon’ eryngium that I have color-shifted with Super Silver Premium Metals from Design Master™ and these sparkly stars that I will anchor in with skewers, wire, and a UGLU dash on the back.

Add a little ribbon to take this design over the top! If you build it, they will come! Create something like this for your customers to see, you never know what can happen after that! For more creative inspiration, stay tuned! Thanks for watching and we will see you next time!

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