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Simply Somersworth: Gardens, butterflies and beautification of the city

Simply Somersworth: Gardens, butterflies and beautification of the city

Wow, it was definitely a hot one last week and I was glad I was in Richmond, Virginia where all human dwellings are outfitted with the marvel of the modern age that is central air. No humming air conditioners there and I kind of missed the sound.

If you are wondering what I was doing in Richmond, I was on vacation but like any writer spent most of my time learning about new things. I think I now know more about the American Civil War than I ever thought was possible to know, but anyway, I digress.

One of the things I noticed when I returned to Somersworth was that our flowers and veggies are not as far as advanced as the ones I saw in Virginia. I guess 600 miles does make quite the difference in climate. This year, I decided to continue with my plot in the Somersworth community garden, which is located at Malley Farm. I have to admit that being away 12 days made quite the difference to my veggie plants. When I came back, my 12 zucchini plants have come on leaps and bounds and I have a feeling in the summer months many of my friends may be paid a visit by the zucchini fairy. The community garden plots this year, I‘m happy to report, are all taken, but if you would like to be put on the waiting list for next year, please contact Public Works.

There is also a concerted effort this year to revamp the adopt-a-spot program in the city. For the past four years, Councilor Michaud and I have taken care of an adopt-a-spot on Market Street and I can tell you that it is a rewarding experience. The adopt-a-spot program is a great way to get some exercise, improve your gardening skills and help make the city look beautiful. The available plots vary in size and many just require some tender loving care. Again if you have any interest, please contact Somersworth Public Works and they can put you in contact with the wonderful lady who is coordinating the program.

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