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Seaside Vegetative Design – Naturalistic Style for a Beautiful Flower Arrangement

Seaside Vegetative Design – Naturalistic Style for a Beautiful Flower Arrangement This naturalistic style for a beautiful flower arrangement mimics the way flowers grow and bloom in nature. Here Erik demonstrates how to incorporate some found pieces of driftwood into a beautiful vegetative style incorporating stunning flowers from Rio Roses. Materials used: Large metal tray, found driftwood, 2 design trays with floral foam, fresh sphagnum moss, soft blue belladonna (Rio) white alstroemeria (Rio) Stargazer lily buds (Rio) Japanese privot, lime green button chrysanthemums, new Zealand flax leaves.

Step 1: Place Driftwood into a large metal tray (Large piece and several additional pieces nestled on top)

Step 2: Add 2 design trays with floral foam anchored with waterproof adhesive tape into the tray on the back left and from the right of the design. Cover tray edges with fresh sphagnum moss.

Step 3: Insert and group soft blue belladonna (Rio) using largest and most open at the top and budded blooms lower mimicking the way they bloom in nature. Step

4: Insert white alstroemeria using a similar sequencing method.

Step 5: Add stargazer lily buds in a strong grouping at the front base of the design. Insert Japanese privot in and around design. Tuck green button chrysanthemums around lily buds at the base. Conceal any additional areas with moss.

Step 6: Split leaves of New Zealand flax and insert around belladonna mimicking a beach grass feel.

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