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Rustic Woodland Centerpiece – How to Make a Creative Floral Design

Today I will share with you how to make a creative floral design. Hey everyone, I’m Erik Witcraft AIFD, with a creative idea of how to build a rustic woodland centerpiece in this rustic wooden box.

To get started, I have placed two small liner containers in this long low wooden box. I have placed fresh floral foam presoaked with flower food in each of these liners. In between, I have built up the other sections with dry foam. Around the liners, I am going to layer in moss, cones, and birch branches. It’s best to anchor your birch branches into the foam.

Here I have used rustic wire to secure them into place in a random pattern creating dimension and interest. You can always glue them in as well. Next, I am going to add Osage oranges to the design. Easiest to add these with shish kabob skewers and Smithers Oasis floral adhesive.

For flowers, I am using tones of orange, coral, and green. I have these incredible ‘Atomic’ roses, autumnal green hydrangeas, and coral hypericum. Grouping floral elements adds visual impact and creates strong focal emphasis. I am placing green hydrangeas in each of the liners. Around the hydrangea, I am placing groupings of roses and hypericum. I have created rosettes from galax leaves. Simply start with one leaf, wire it in place, add an alternating leaf and continue until you are happy with the size and shape. Wire them to complete. I am going to add a few of these to the design.

Finally, I will place nandina foliage to give visual softness and texture. This is a wonderful rustic centerpiece perfect for your customer’s table. Who knew coral could be beautiful for autumn? Thank you for watching today. Be sure to join us next time, and have a great day! Wood box Square liners Oasis floral foam Oasis Sahara foam Moss Birch twigs Birchbark strips Assorted Pinecones Smithers-Oasis Rustic wire Osage oranges ‘Atomic’ Roses Green autumn hydrangea Coral hypericum Galax leaves Nandina foliage

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