Living Flowers

Roses and Midollina Movement – Dramatic and Rhythmic Floral Design

Join Erik Witcraft AIFD as he creates a dramatic and rhythmic floral design grouping using midollino, bullion wire and fragrant garden roses from Alexandra Farms. Materials used: Midollino, bullion wire, assorted Accent Décor vases, foraged vines, ‘Princess Sakura’ garden roses (Alexandra Farms) miniature calla lilies

Step 1: Create multiple midollino extenders using staggered midollino sticks bound with bullion wire. Begin creating armatures by connecting midollino extenders together in various positions. Allow the midollino to move and swirl; anchoring with bullion wire to create undulating curvilinear armatures. Step

2: Place armatures into vessels and add water with floral preservative.

Step 3: Add foraged vines to each component. Allow the armature to support the vines but anchor as needed with touches of bullion wire.

Step 4: Incorporate ‘Princess Sakura’ garden roses (Alexandra Farms) to each vessel. Finish the design with miniature calla lilies.