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Reflective Holiday Ornament Design – Festive Creative Floral Centerpiece Tutorial for Florists

Reflective Holiday Ornament Design for a festive creative floral centerpiece. Learn how to combine these simple plastic ball ornaments, a reflective mirror, Smithers-Oasis Uglu Dashes, and some iridescent beaded wire into a creative floral centerpiece that will catch your client’s eye?

Hello guys, I’m Erik Witcraft AIFD, floral contributor to Florist Review Magazine, Let’s get started and I’ll share with you how I did this! To begin, I took 4 large plastic ball ornaments and anchored them to a mirror in various positions using Uglu strips from Smithers-Oasis. I like to set them at matching positions, but you could also position them at various angles. Make sure they are strongly anchored to the mirror and each other.

Next, I added beaded wire and additional pearlescent ornaments in and around the large ornaments. To add water to the “Vases”, a simple tube filler works great! The flowers really can be anything…Here I have incorporated these incredible ‘Queen of Pearl’ roses, variegated lily grass, silvery Italian Ruscus, and a touch of dusty miller for softness.

Add a little snow over the top…WOW! What a great outside-the-box centerpiece! Your customers will see a new side of you with this awesome design! Give it a try and I hope to see you next time for more creative inspiration! Thanks for watching! 10 ‘Queen of Pearl’ roses from Royal Flowers 3 Italian Ruscus – silver ½ Bn. variegated lily grass 1 stem dusty miller 4 Large Plastic Ball Ornaments 8 Uglu Strips 1 – 12×12 round mirror Smithers-Oasis iridescent beaded wire 5-8 small glass iridescent ornaments Artificial snow