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My Floral Design Journey

I did not start my adult years thinking that I wanted to become a florist or professional floral designer. In college, I studied music. As an undergraduate, I majored in voice. In graduate school, I studied musicology. I had planned to go on to get a doctorate in music history.

But around this time, I realized that I couldn’t find any meaning in my studies anymore. I longed for work where I could feel that every day, I was doing something tangible that fills a need, something that would make people happy. I wanted to know that I was contributing to my community—even to humanity.

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About the author

Jeanne Ha CFD AIFD
Jeanne Ha CFD AIFD
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Jeanne Ha, AIFD, CFD, is the owner of a successful retail florist business and a founder and instructor of a school for the teaching of floral design and business. She is internationally recognized as a floral designer and as an AIFD Certified Floral Evaluator/Judge.