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I did not start my adult years thinking that I wanted to become a florist or professional floral designer. In college, I studied music. As an undergraduate, I majored in voice. In graduate school, I studied musicology. I had planned to go on to get a doctorate in music history.

But around this time, I realized that I couldn’t find any meaning in my studies anymore. I longed for work where I could feel that every day, Iwas doing something tangible that fills a need, something that would make people happy. I wanted to know that I was contributing to my community – even to humanity.

That’s when I started working at my aunt and uncle’s little neighborhood flower shop. I helped them to set up the new computer system and the new phone system. As I did so, I learned the names of the different kinds of roses and other flowers. Everything was totally new, I loved working with flowers so much! Who wouldn’t?

But what enticed me most was when I learned what flowers could do for the customers. I was astounded by how customers reacted upon seeing the floral designs we created, how they would share their personal stories when they ordered flowers, how their faces brightened as they picked up the fresh flowers for their homes. I witnessed the power of flowers firsthand!

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Jeanne Ha CFD AIFD
Jeanne Ha CFD AIFD
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Jeanne Ha, AIFD, CFD, is the owner of a successful retail florist business and a founder and instructor of a school for the teaching of floral design and business. She is internationally recognized as a floral designer and as an AIFD Certified Floral Evaluator/Judge.