Living Flowers

Pumpkin Flower Arrangement // Pumpkin Centerpiece // Cut Flower Garden VLOG // Northlawn Flower Farm

Let’s make a pumpkin flower arrangement together! Prep your pumpkin by wiping the inside with a bleach wipe and then rubbing olive oil on the inside. You can sink a plastic vessel into the pumpkin, but I find with the thicker walled pumpkins that pouring the water directly into the vessel makes it last longer.

Here is everything I used in this pumpkin flower arrangement – Pokeweed Russian Sage Rue Bergartten Sage Dusty Miller Abelia Foxglove Rose bon bon cosmos Brandywine Viburnum Berries Davids Phlox Hardy Mum Burlesca Dahlia Cafe Au Lait Dahlia Jewels of Opar Great Silence Dahlia Stolze Von Berlin Dahlia Gomphrena Flamingo Feather Celosia Pumpkin flower arrangement with top of pumpkin