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Flower Arrangement for a Post-Wedding Brunch

Flower arrangement for a post-wedding brunch the day after a huge wedding, it’s nice for everyone to mingle and catch up with a post-celebratory brunch. Watch as Erik demonstrates how he created a showstopper brunch buffet flower arrangement featuring flowers from Rio Roses perfect for such an occasion.

Materials used: 2 hors d’oeuvre stands with plates, rectangular design tray, fresh floral foam, waterproof adhesive tape, faux aspidistra ribbon, Uglu dashes, ‘Blushing Akito’ roses, ‘Ilse’ spray roses, soft pink carnations, lavender Japanese asters, ‘Stargazer’ lilies, soft blue belladonna (Rio Products), umbrella fern, Italian ruscus, English ivy, fatsia aralia leaves, and Japanese privet.

Step 1: Take four 1/3 sections of presoaked floral foam and wrap with faux aspidistra ribbon and anchor using Uglu tabs. Set on first plate. Insert roses in one cube, carnations in one, asters and spray roses similarly. Set aside.

Step 2: Set design tray on second plate. Stack first and second stand with plates allowing you to understand design clearance for lower design.

Step 3: Insert a variety of textural foliage including Italian ruscus, English ivy, fatsia aralia, and Japanese privet. Add ‘Stargazer’ lilies, ‘Blushing Akito’ roses, and soft blue belladonna to the lower design. (Rio)

Step 4: To finish, add floral component cubes to top plate of design. As another option, leave the top plater empty to serve hors d’oeuvres on and set floral cubes on satellite plates around the buffet area instead.