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Out of Africa – The Romance of an African Wedding

Africa Wedding Flowers

The bride and groom, Roxy and Kyle are a gorgeous couple who wanted to embrace their South African heritage. They both have a very natural approach to life and connect with the natural biodiversity and splendor of our landscape.

With this in mind, we conceptualized the aesthetic of this celebration held at Alkira Lodge to be 100% African inspired, using an array of botanical species and artisanal handicrafts from different rural areas as well as ceramics from studio artists. The wedding took place in our winter, which has gorgeous clear days and allowed us to add some more unusual flowers not available in summer, bringing uniqueness to the styling. Focusing on the Cape floral kingdom fynbos species and succulents and elements from the Karoo area, we wanted to show how these species and specimens could create a unique-looking tablescape.

With flair and a distinguished elegance, it evoked the romance of Africa – think botanical exploration and natural history excursions!

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Judith Blacklock

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