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Northwest Rustic Landscape – Wine Bottle Bouquet Holder for a Unique Floral Arrangement

Northwest Rustic Landscape with Wine Bottle Bouquet Holder for a unique floral arrangement. Erik demonstrates how to use an innovative new product to enhance a wine bottle, perfect as a takeaway at weddings. He also shows the versatility of this product by using it in multiple different ways including a plant, a candle, and in a more elaborate rustic landscape design.

Step 1: Cover the base of the bottle bouquet holder with striped ribbon. Adhere it in place with Uglu dashes.

Step 2: Place floral foam presoaked with floral preservative into the bottle bouquet holder. Set it onto a wine bottle at the base.

Step 3: Insert a variety of bright blossoms into the holder at varying heights. Conceal mechanics with additional foliage as needed. Northwest Rustic Landscape Step 1: Cover bottle bouquet holders with birch strips glued to the exterior. Next, set floral foam presoaked with floral preservative into tray and anchor with floral tape. Position trees with bottle bouquet holder sidecars attached in and around the design.

Each bouquet holder also has floral foam in it. Step 2: Cover the surface of foam with cedar and sphagnum moss to conceal mechanics. Step 3: Insert groupings of Mexican orange flowers, euphorbia, and poppy pods into design and sidecars. Add Kangaroo paws and Ornithogalum into the design.

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