Living Flowers

Noble Evergreen

Cut a piece of fl oral foam in the shape of the wooden tray(slightly smaller), about 5 cm high. Wrap the fl oral foam in fi lm and tape it tightly around the shape. Take pads of bun moss – if necessary, tie the bun moss together with fi ne brown (invisible) thread so that the shape remains – and secure them to the fl oral foam with staples.

Arrange the walnut branches over the tray and secure them with staples. Stick some green pine branches on the left. Place the sempervivum on a cocktail stick and insert them between and on the moss in the arrangement. Arrange the larch twigs by the walnut branches and tie them to it. Arrange some Rubus tendrils around the arrangement.

Insert four wires in the bottom of the candles by heating them.

Attach the candles to the structure. Because of the wires, you can easily secure them in the foam.

Now insert the Paphiopedilum into the arrangement, going along with the direction of the branches, and finish with some Skimmia.

The Christmas ornaments are put on wire and secured between the greenery.

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