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Next Time perfect

Despite the availability of beautiful summer material, this towering design just didn’t go to plan.

What’s wrong with it? Having gathered a big bucketful of flowers from a friend’s fabulous garden, my original plan was to showcase the wonderful plant material in a towering arrangement, but without
making a traditional triangle arrangement. However, as you can see, all didn’t go to plan!

On the plus side. The selection of summer garden flowers of differing forms and textures was splendid. Bees and other pollinators would
love these gloriously colorful flowers. Also, the rustic container
adds to the natural atmosphere of the design, with Heuchera and Senecio helping to break up the edge.

Now for those minuses. The overall shape doesn’t work and the camera angle makes it appear worse. It’s neither the ‘Tower of flowers’ that I wanted nor a traditional triangle. Allium blooms and a selection of delicate flowers towards the top offer a light and airy feeling but that conflicts with the relatively compact lower area. The black stand holding the container is visually heavy and increases the
dominance of the container. There are some areas of apparent darkness within the design, which might not be too noticeable in reality, but the camera is unforgiving and those areas are much more evident in a photograph.

Having said all this, once the stand was removed, it did look rather nice on my sideboard!

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  1. Not sure if I’m missing something – it’s a great read but the photo supporting it isn’t really showing the arrangement the artist is speaking about so the points on design are lost on the reader

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