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Flora Magazine Muted Christmas Design

Christmas can be a riot of rich reds, glowing golds and electric snowy whites but I often prefer a more restrained and relaxing colour palette to enjoy at this extremely busy time of year. I simply adore hellebores and the divinely delicate flower heads of Helleborus x sahinii ‘Winter Bells’ are extremely long lasting.

This commercially-grown cut hellebore has a fantastic vase life and lasts perfectly well in floral foam. Greens never cease to inspire and engage my creativity. For this relaxing festive floral display, I wanted to combine the hypnotic scents of the glaucous grey-blue spruce with the crisp citrus fragrance from the dried limes.

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Judith Blacklock
Judith Blacklock
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Flora Magazine is edited by Judith Blacklock, proprietor of the world-renowned Flower School in Knightsbridge, London.