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Mother-daughter duo win Art in Bloom awards

Mother-daughter duo win Art in Bloom awards

CARRYING ON THE TRADITION — Brianna Goodwin, the daughter part of the mother-and-daughter team with mother Denise Goodwin, won the Best Traditional Design award at the Art in Bloom event at the Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute for this work inspired by a bedroom in the Fountain Elms.

In any given town over the 20th century, it would be common to see a shingle dangling from a downtown business or a van touring around town embossed with the sign “So-and-So and Son,” proudly broadcasting a father’s pride that his son is taking over his trade.

Approaching the end of that century, in May of 1985, Denise Goodwin opened Florist, Gifts and Gourmet, her flower shop on Main Street in Oneida, the city where she grew up. She did not know it at the time, but she was pregnant with her daughter, Brianna, when she opened the doors; the daughter who would one day take up that mantle and make it her own, promoting her mother’s small business to the legacy she would pass down to her daughter one day.

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