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Moss Wrapped Amaryllis Bulb and Care // Northlawn Flower Farm

Moss wrapped amaryllis bulbs are a wonderful way to enjoy glorious blooms in a fresh modern way! You’ll need an amaryllis bulb, sheet moss, twine, and scissors to create this project. Wrap your bulb in sheet moss and then wrap twine all around the amaryllis bulb in different directions. Secure the twine with a double knot. Place the moss wrapped amaryllis bulb in a warm and bright location.

Care for your project by submerging just the base of the bulb in a low bowl of water once a week. After the flower display is over compost the bulb. This manner of growing amaryllis is very taxing on the bulb, and getting it to rebloom will be a challenge. It is best to use bulbs from the southern hemisphere for this project because they break dormancy faster. You can expect a bulb from Peru to bloom in approximately 4-6 weeks.

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  1. How do you grow winterberries from the seeds.

    I tried. Soaked them for three weeks and planted them. None grew.

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