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Floral Design is constantly evolving. Trends in color, fashion and decorating, as well as shifts in lifestyles, hobbies and interests, influence the looks and styles that are popular with designers and with consumers. Though some arrangements never go out of style, shifts in trends influence the way these standards are composed, accessorized or stylized. While familiar arrangements are routinely reimagined, new design ideas evolve to establish the trends of the modern era.

This book is intended for floral designers who seek to advance beyond traditional everyday arranging. It offers step-by-step instructions for designs that run the gamut from updated classics to current and emerging trends. Twenty fresh design concepts are offered, each with three design variations. The design process for each arrangement is described in four detailed steps along with the fresh flower recipe. While specific flower types are identified, endless variations can be achieved by adjusting the flower types and colors. Some styles are suitable for special events, others for everyday orders with a twist or for customers who want something different. Though the principles of floral design are not specifically addressed, a knowledge of good design is assumed and should guide design decisions including the choice and use of design elements.

Readers are encouraged to use this book for education and inspiration. By
experimenting with these modern design concepts, designers will advance to new creative levels of floral skill and artistry, and may ultimately springboard to setting new trends in modern flower arranging.

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Teresa Lanker
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Teresa has spent her entire professional career in the floral industry starting with her first flower shop job at the age of 16 at Amling’s Flowerland in the Chicago area. She has held positions as floral designer, event designer and retail florist manager. For more than 30 years, Teresa also serves as an educator of budding florists as associate professor and coordinator of the Floral Design and Marketing program at The Ohio State University in Wooster, Ohio.

In addition, Teresa serves as chair of the Ohio State ATI Horticulture Division. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Ornamental Horticulture and Master of Education degree, both from the University of Illinois. She has received university, state and national awards for outstanding teaching.

Teresa has presented floral design programs, seminars and hands-on workshops throughout the U.S. and has served on educational design teams and as an educational liaison for multiple florist groups. Her work has been featured in books, magazines and floral selection guides. She has authored numerous floral design
publications including books, articles and educational resources. Her previous works for Florists’ Review include the first edition of this book and Modern Flower Arranging: Step-by-step Instructions for Modern Designs.