Living Flowers

Mix & Match Flowers For Different Designs!

One selection of flowers can be used to create two very different designs.

WITH ONE GORGEOUS selection of summer flowers, we have created two arrangements using the same plant material to show how versatile flowers can be when you have a beautiful mix of blooms.

The design above is a spiraled, hand-tied, presented in a glass vase with stem ends in water. The design on the right has been created on a 12” foam ring around a complementary-colored church candle.

The plant material used is Clematis ‘Blue Pirouette’, C. ‘Star River’, Eustoma grandiflorum ‘Alissa Blue’, Rosa ‘Bounty Way’, and Veronica ‘Smart Fountain’ with Eucalyptus cinerea and E. pulverulenta ‘Baby Blue’.

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Flora Magazine - Spring 2021
Flora Magazine – Summer 2021

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