Living Flowers

Artistic Floral Design

This collaboration between The American Institute of Floral Designers™ and Wildflower Media is the first to bring together some of the most inspirational and creative floral designs to showcase the talents of selected members of AIFD®. These are but a few examples of the artistry of flowers that an accredited designer can provide. As an association, our members pledge an oath of professional practice to produce and complete, with integrity, value, and creativity, their highest quality of design.

What is AIFD®? The preceding page gives you a textbook definition of the association. But to those of us that have made the floral industry our career, AIFD®, is so much more. Mentors, teachers, students, staff, leaders, friends, volunteers, fellow flower followers, floraholics and floral family. A safe zone to be with those that are of like minds and have drank the flower cool aid. A place to plant the seed of floral desire, water it with floral education and watch it grow with floral knowledge. We help prep those that strive for accreditation and certification, prepare those that reach for clarification, promote those that aim for career satisfaction and protect those that enjoy the passion of flowers. More than anything else, we do it together.

As we were reaching the completion of this book, we were faced with the pandemic known as COVID-19. The world, the nation and every industry found themselves in unprecedented challenge. It is said that with every adversity, it will contain within it seeds of opportunity, growth and strength. The message of “We will get through this, together” means even more now, than before.

As visual professionals and artist we often help our clients and customers express their emotion through floral art. Take an idea, visual inspiration or favorite flower and with professional care and practiced expertise, deliver a dream to the recipient. We are with you from congratulating a new life, marking life’s milestones along the way and celebrating a life well lived as we say goodbye. All along, doing it together.

These are original works of art and contain educational elements for each creative design that we present — together. With careful guidance and partnership with an incredible publisher we have the opportunity to share just a glimpse of some of the unbelievable talent the membership of AIFD® has to offer. We celebrate those selected to fill these pages with their art and embrace all the members that are selected to fill the lives of so many around the world with flowers.

Flowers speak a universal language of their own – in a stem, in a bundle or a bunch – somewhere behind it is a florist and somewhere in front of them is a smile. We are #proudtobeAIFD!
All My Best,
Jackie R. Lacey AAF, AIFD, CFD, PFCI