Living Flowers


See trends and design interpretations expertly curated by J. Keith White, AIFD

Nouveau Thinking The distinct bloom forms and rich hues of Iris, Delphinium and coral peonies denote the flourishing trend of “Metropolitan.” Strongly inspired by the Art Nouveau decorative
style (1890-1910), which was characterized by dramatic curved lines, asymmetrical forms, intense colors and inspiration from natural elements such as flowers and insects, this modern-day
aesthetic reimagines and energizes a new decade of floral design. Its trend personality and design signatures are uniquely distinguished by strong lines and sinuous curves, sumptuous
textures, intricate details and notable cool color combinations. The key florals and foliages of “Metropolitan,” with its powerful hues of blue and contrasting colors of bright green
and coral, signal expressions of vibrant and upbeat city life. The trend’s color palette also includes muted antique gold tones, which elevate its sophisticated styling. Element applications
burgeon with ornamental embellishments, modernized Art Nouveau patterns and metal accents, along with flowery and organic tendril-like lines.