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Marginpar Clematis

These stunning Dutch-bred Clematis, like graceful butterflies, add joy and elegance to any design.

IN 2006, DUTCH grower Marginpar released a stunning cut flower Clematis ‘Amazing® Blue Pirouette’, developed from
early-flowering C. montana. After its introduction, it took another five years for the next variety to be released. Since then, other cultivars have entered the market virtually every year. It’s the perfect flower to give vitality, joy and bounce to any design – like adding an inquisitive butterfly – and its strength and lasting qualities belie its delicate appearance. We asked Marginpar for more details about this wonderful flower.

Do Clematis have a season? All cultivars are available all year round because Marginpar grows them at different locations across Africa.

What is the range of color? Purple, lilac, pink and white, with many different forms and textures. The newest cultivars are the
bi-colored C. ‘Amazing® Sevilla’ and C. ‘Amazing® Vienna’ – a beautiful snow-white Clematis.

How can you tell if a cut-flower Clematis is fresh and of good quality? Look for attractive green foliage, strong stems, half-open buds and some full flowers.

How many flowers should there be on the stem? All Clematis start with a minimum of five flowers – one on the top and usually four on the side branches. Some cultivars have more ornamental value with one big flower rather than five smaller ones. Those with multiple flowers have the top flower pinched out. Those with only one flower, none has been removed. All the energy goes into growing the first flower, making it larger than the secondary buds.

What is the standard stem length? Between 60–70cm is average

What is the vase life? Clematis has a cut flower life of ten days under optimum conditions. Some cultivars will last as long as three weeks if purchased fresh and treated for maximum life (see below). What are the best conditions for maximum life?

Like most flowers, Clematis last best in a cool atmosphere. If the vase is to be placed in a warm room, position it in a cool place first for 24 hours. Place your vase in a light position but keep it out of direct sunlight.

Clematis love lots of fresh, clean, cold water and are not happy in small water tubes or floral foam.

Avoid placing Clematis near fruit, which can speed up the ageing process of the flowers. Any other interesting information?
Clematis is surprisingly resistant to botrytis.

When preparing Clematis for your bouquet or arrangement, use clean sharp scissors to cut off the bottom 10 percent of the stem.

Cut-flower food really does prolong life. Make sure the vase is clean before using.

Remove some leaves and the flowers will last longer.

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