Living Flowers

Making A Huge Flower Headpiece | Rockstars and Royalty

In this video I show you how I created this huge branch and flower headpiece for a client. This is the largest headpiece that I’ve ever made! Subscribe for couture sewing tutorials and inspiration. If you enjoy my tutorials please consider supporting on Patreon

I have worked as a couture gown, corset and costume designer for over 20 years, initially under my label ‘Devotion’ in the UK, then as ‘Rockstars and Royalty’ when I moved to Australia in 2007. During this time I’ve become know for my elaborate couture gowns and costumes, my corsetry skills, my love of sparkles and embellishments, and for making my clients feel like Queens. In my videos and tutorials I show you how I design and create the extravagant couture gowns, corsets and costumes that I’ve become known for, how I upcycle and style vintage and pre-loved clothes, and how I create accessories, hair, and make up to style and complete the looks.