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Luminous Yellow – Fleur Creatif Explores Color

Ah Spring time! The harbinger of sunshine and the color Yellow. Here’s how to make this brilliant bit of sunshine from the creators at Fleur Creatif Magazine.

The Flowers:
Acacia dealbata, mimosa
Tulipa, tulips
Helleborus, hellebore
Miscanthus sinensis, maiden silver grass
Fatsia japonica, Japanese aralia
Phormium tenax, dried leaf of New Zeeland flax
Coprosma virescens, mingimingi

The Materials:
Rubber tulip vase
Iron wire 1.2 mm
Wire mesh, bronze
Regular clear adhesive tape

How To: Make a long, open oval shape with the wire mesh and wrap it with tape to obtain a firm shape. Make sure the shape is slightly larger than the vase. Attach four iron wires on the shape that get bunched together in the middle and act as the handle for a bouquet. Line the inside with felt wool of the same color as the Phormium leaf. Cut the dried leaves down the middle and wrap them around the shape. Now place this arrangement on the rubber vase.

Arrange a bunch of mimosa to the left and on a bunch of yellow tulips and the Aralia leaf to the right. Finish with some small twigs and the Miscanthus. Accentuate with some hellebores.

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