Living Flowers

Looking Back on Fleur Floral Fashion

Fleur Fashion in Fleur Creatif Magazine

Those who could be there, enjoyed it. The reactions on our social media do not lie: So nice to be there again! A wonderful event! Beautiful, enchanting and fragile! Top performance! I enjoyed the beauty of the flowers!

To thank everyone who attended – designers and visitors – we would like to share with you some floral artworks, because the theme ‘A Castle deserves Art’ created very refined floral art.

If you were not able to attend this year, we are pleased to give you a glimpse of a few highlights.

Next year, we will be celebrating our 25th edition. It will be a real anniversary year. We are now getting started with the preparations! Make a note of the dates in your diary!

Fleuramour 2022 from 23 to 26 of September 2022.

See all of the images in this issue of Fleur Creatif Magazine!

Fleur Creatif
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