Living Flowers

Learn how to paint quick and easy modern roses

These modern roses are so much fun to paint!

You can learn how in just a few easy steps.

L I S T O F S U P P L I E S:

• 140lb, 100% cotton, cold press watercolor paper (Bee Paper)
• watercolor paints: flesh tint (Renessans), shell pink (Shinhan), deep scarlet, green gold, perylene green (Daniel Smith), pale gold (Kremer Pigments)
• No. 6 round brush (Caviar by Dynasty), No. 2 round (Princeton Snap)

About the author

Catherine Côté
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CeeCee, also known as Catherine Côté, is a mixed media artist and YouTube content creator. Her passion for art has led her to leave the corporate world to pursue a creative life. Through modern and unconventional explorations in fine arts, she has developed an intuitive and imaginative approach to creating engaging pieces.