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Deokwon Lee Discusses her collaboration


For what reasons did you create this book, and what is its purpose?
The floral designs in this book started from Korea’s nature. Korea is a peninsula with a 5,000-year history. Although it’s not a nation known for its natural scenery, Korea’s mountains, fields, rivers and all other nature are harmonious, like a single landscape painting. My mentor, Im Wha Kong, dedicated her life to express Korean culture and its love for nature into white porcelain through Cocoji [Korean flower arrangement]. As her pupil, I made this book to spread the beauty of Korean Cocoji, which is renown for its elegance among Asian flower arrangement disciplines.

For what audience(s) did you create this book?
This book is for professional florists as well as general flower arranging hobbyists who love flowers and are interested in knowing more about Asian culture. I wish for them to experience Korea’s distinctive beauty through our unique flower arranging discipline.

What do you hope readers will gain from this book?
Korean Cocoji is not too flashy nor does it strive to be too minimalist. It considers of great importance the harmony of the sky, earth, nature and people. As such, it is important to make the naturalness stand out without damaging it even though the work itself is artificial. I wish for readers to relive the emotions of the floral designs through the pictures, and I hope the diagrams help to do so.

Korean Cocoji is a book you’ll love and will refer to often as you practice the design styles presented, so order your copy today at You might also want to stock a few copies to sell in your store, so inquire about quantity discounts.

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