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Keen On Cut Flowers? Here’s How To Grow Your Own

Keen on cut flowers? Here’s how to grow your own

A bunch of flowers in a jug on your desk, or sunnily arranged in the middle of the dining table, is a sure-fire way to inject brightness into your day. Even more so if said flowers are ones you’ve nurtured and fretted over from seed, and then (with a slight pang as the secateurs got to work) cut and arranged yourself.

Never felt that satisfied, slightly smug joy? It might be time to turn a portion of your plot – or even a pot on a balcony – into a cut flower garden.

This year’s RHS Cut Flower Garden, designed by award-winning Dutch designer Carien van Boxtel, will appear at the RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival (July 5-11), alongside a cut flower garden demo tent, so you can nip in for advice and to ask questions. However, if your inner florist is itching to get going, van Boxtel’s ultimate cut flower tips and tricks are an ideal place to begin…

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