Living Flowers


Step by Step

Using fresh plant materials to create the floral bracelets is a wonderful eco-friendly and sustainable option; plants offer a beautiful range of colors and textures. By creating multiple strands of botanical bracelets with different types of plant materials, you can stack them for a custom contemporary look.

Thread two boxwood leaves followed by one Skimmia berry onto the coated wire. Repeat this pattern until the desired length of the bracelet is reached. Finish the wire ends by using the needle nose plier to create a small scroll.

Create a second bracelet by threading the Burro’s Tail “beads” onto another piece of coated wire. Choose the greener “beads” as they tend to be firmer. To secure the botanicals, use a toothpick to insert floral adhesive between the beads. Do not over glue.

Cut a piece of Maiden Hair vine the length that can wrap around the wrist twice. Secure the vine with bullion wire.

Add some accents on one of the bracelets by gluing small pieces of Wandering Jew leaves, Burro’s Tail bud and Clematis floss to the strand.

Stack the strands creating that perfect botanical bracelet to compliment any fashion attire.