Living Flowers

Italian Wedding Bouquets

In my first book, Floral Artistry, I selected, described and contextualized 29 flowers in as many floral creations, giving practical design ideas for those who are passionate about floral art or simply want to get closer to it. With this book, I wanted to investigate a specific type of composition: the wedding bouquet, in all of its different characteristics and variations.

The wedding bouquet has always fascinated me because it represents a unique and different “jewel” for every bride. As such, it must be specially designed to meet the style of the dress and to reflect bride’s personality, sense of style and body type, as she turns her dreams into reality.

As a passionate floral design professional, I often lose myself in the evolution of creativity, right up to the construction of the suitable bouquets for all of my brides. The shape, choice of flowers, combination of colors, inspiration and technique distinguish each bouquet from any other. The meticulous and artisanal construction and the care for details and finishes make it possible to offer an exclusive and unrepeatable creation to every bride because of the variety of styles, flowers and materials that can be chosen.

In this book, I have created 26 bouquets in a variety of styles, shapes, difficulties and execution times, in hopes of passing on my passion for floral art.

Flavia Bruni